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Moments with you, a Solid Foundation of Technology

Since years ago, innovation has been the core of our company. And over time, my focus for Caixun Malaysia has come down to one question: How do we truly enhance the lives of people?

Helping others should be the foundation of every business. It is the true way of business that makes it worthwhile for everyone involved. What could be more important?

We face tough times and an uncertain future, but now is exactly the time we need to think about what comes next. Looking toward the future and moving forward is our main priority. For years, we kept thinking about how we can create a world in which our children can grow up happily and healthily in. Imagine a harmonious world with plenty of resources. 

Every day, Caixun’ian walk the extra mile to further advance our technologies and products that address these concerns. The products that we made strive to maximize comfort and eventually level up the lifestyles of our customers.

Being a growing company, it allows us to provide outstanding customer service to our prospects all over Malaysia. We know that building our business is about focusing on fundamentals of lifestyle and it will eventually drive our business to new heights, one day, becoming a household name for every family in Malaysia.

Representative Chief Executive Officer,
Managing Director

Kelvin Chee Yung Sheng

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